For more than 15 years, PT Ancol Terang Metal Printing has supplied our company with various types of metal cans for our Paint Coatings. We have no hesitation to testify our satisfaction with their services, in terms of: Consistent Quality, Excellent Response time to resolve technical issues, Delivery time and Pricing

PT Pabrik Cat & Tinta ”Pacific”

We have been working together with ATP for more than 15 years. We are happy with ATP’s customer oriented service and for being a partner in both good times and challenging times. They really support us delivering quality products to our worldwide customers at the right time and at competitive value.

PT Sara Lee Indonesia

ATP has been supplying crowns to Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia over the years and we have been extremely satisfied not only with the quality of the product, but have been greatly impressed of how this is backed up with an excellent standard of service. I would not hesitate to recommend ATP to any business looking for consistently excellent supplies of packaging materials.

PT Coca Cola Bottling Indonesia

Dalam industri kami, mutu kemasan sangat berperan dalam menjaga kepercayaan konsumen terhadap produk yang kami hasilkan. Kami memilih PT Ancol Terang (ATP) sebagai mitra yang terpercaya karena komitmen mereka untuk selalu menghasilkan kemasan yang memenuhi tuntutan standard kami

The Tempo Group (PT. Tempo Nagadi Trading)